Wait? You became successful how?

A lot of people shake their head at me when I explain how I ended up successful and happy. You see, I made it to a level of success that many people never attain because of the secret. The secret that I can and do share often. I believed I was successful even before I was. Some of that came from a very supportive father who believed I could do anything and some of it came from learning that my value was not based on anything I had ever been taught. The world, society, schooling, our friends, foes and family all give us lessons in life that teach us we have value based on what we do, what we wear, who we know, what we know. But in reality all of that is complete bs. Our value is not based on any of these things. Our value is just because we are. Now I know some of you will say, of course I KNOW that. But do you really? Ever tried to tell someone what your assets were? Or why you were special? My guess is you said something like, "I am smart", "I am funny" "I am kind of cute". Wrong! All of these facts may be absolutely true but they have nothing to do with our value. They are merely characteristics we have, not who we are or what makes our worth priceless. Our value is something so deep and amazing that to explain it might take a lifetime and make our heads spin. Our value is the infinite because we are all part of this glorious thing called life. Some (me) now call it God or Jesus, some Buddha, some Allah, some Jehovah, some the ocean, the air or the stars. But whatever your name for "it" recognizing that you are in fact part of this infinite abundance is the secret. All things flow, all things come and go and come back again and once hooked into this magnificent energy, success flows naturally, easily and makes others shake their heads when you tell them, I own this or I achieved this merely because of the "secret". 


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Namaste and God Bless.